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We provide Web A&V communications services to Artists and Companies.

Make Noise

Every Artist/Band has a story to tell - put your unique narrative to the sound and engage with your audience members. Your sound is unique and so are your fans - don't do generic marketing drivel


Build audience

It is all a dialogue. Working to build audience through social media channels giving you the time to spend on your music. With the advantage that you develop through communications you will engage.


Nurture Sound

You Fanbase grows with an informed Marketing base - keep everyone in the loop with unique brand narrative engagement..think Album Covers, Flyers, T-shirts & Promotional Merchandise....& multimedia.

A&R Production

Build PR

As your Music grows so does the need for timely dialogue - use our Distribution channels as part of your Business PR Processes. Reach out to beyond your core fanbase and engage with new listeners.


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